Frequently asked questions

How does the Capsule fashion rental work?

The Capsule is an online rental service. At the moment we offer the rental only for 2 weeks. Delivery all around Austria. 

  • You can select the item(s) that you like.
  • Then register on the webpage. 
  • Pay the rental. 
  • You will be notified as soon as we ship your package. 
  • Wear the item(s) for two weeks. 
  • You will be notified per email when it is time to send the rented items back. In the notification, mail will be the return label. 
  • Use the same package you got from Capsule and send back the rented items. 
  • Repeat! 


How much does the rental cost?

The price you see on the website cost of the rental for 2 weeks. The delivery costs are added by checking out. 

How the rented pieces will be delivered?

The package will be delivered by Austrian Post. Delivery all around Austria. 

How much does the delivery cost?

The price for delivery - from 5 Euro. Return is always on us. 

When the rent period will start?

The 2 weeks of the rental will start on the day you get the delivery. 

For how long can I rent?

For now, you can rent for 2 weeks. Keep in touch to be informed when we launch further rental offers. 


What happens if I sent it back too late? 

You have to send back the rented items until the last day of the rental period. If you want to prolong, just send email in advance (see next question). If you delay sending back without notice of prolongation, an additional fee of 15 euros a day is being charged for every day of the delay. 

Can I prolong the rental? 

Yes, you can. Just send us an email in advance (at least 2 working days before your current rental is over) on

What if the rented item does not fit me?

We are recommend to check size and fitting information before doing check out to avoid the returns. 

Please, try the items upon arrival.  If the item does not fit, let us know asap. After receiving the package you have 48 hours to report the return per email office@capsule-rent.com and send the item back. IMPORTANT! When you try the item does not remove the cleaning tag. As soon as the tag is removed, no refund is possible. 

If you send back the item 3 days after delivery, you will get a full refund except for the shipping cost. 

Shall I wash the rented item?

We do NOT recommend washing the items. The cleaning is included in the price. The only exception, if urgent cleaning is needed. Like you spoil a glass of wine on it. If you still would like to wash it, please, follow the care tag on each item. NOTICE! Some items are made of sophisticated fabric and can be only dry cleaned. 


What if I damage the item?

No worries, the small repair is included in the price. 

How I should return the rented item?

5 days before your rent is over you will get the return label. Just pack the items in the same package you received them and send them per Austrian post. 

Can I repair the item?

Same as washing. We DO NOT RECOMMEND repairing items by yourself. Only if it is an urgent situation, like sewing on a torn button. 


What if the items came dirty or damage?

Please, check the item upon arrival. If you notice any damage or dirt, contact us within 48 hours after the item is delivered. Send an email with photos and a description of the damage to office@capsule-rent.com

Please, read our Terms and Conditions for more information